Thursday, February 09, 2006

Looking for best practices in free software development

Some free software projects are very successful while others fail completely. What's the difference between them? We should be able to find what the successful projects do and document them as the best practices for running free software projects. Project leaders could use this information to know get an idea of what they should do (depending on the project characteristics) to improve their chances of success.

Several issues appear in this quest to find such best practices. The first and most important one is Are best practices always best practices? probably not.

For this reason the practices shown as good for some projects should be described within its context. By providing the context it will be possible for anybody to determine if his/her own context is close enough or not to consider the practice useful. Patterns are a formal way to document best practices and provide enough information to help determine in which cases they are applicable and how to best apply them.

For this reason the Collaborative Development Wiki has decided to use patterns to document our findings. Join it to give your opinions or provide patterns you have found.


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