Friday, March 24, 2006

Ward Cunningham on collaborative development

Ward Cunningham known as the inventor of CRC cards and wiki and one of the fathers of extreme programming and design patterns talks in eweek about his (very positive) view of collaborative development and community forming in Open Source projects. In his own words:

I'm betting on open source being a big trend, And it's not just because of cost, but because of end-user innovation. No end user wants to be a programmer; they just want to get their jobs done, [..] I think of software being a work very much like a wiki being a work where people see an area that's weak and they make it stronger.

Ward Cunningham recently left Microsoft to join the Eclipse Project to work on building its community. I've always seen him as one of the greatest innovators on software development methodologies and it's very nice to hear from himself such a big commitment to collaborative development. In fact he believes that even Microsoft should go towards this style of development:
They have to inch toward this community style development, otherwise it would be irresponsible to their stock holders


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